Curly Hair Questions

How often do you recommend washing curly hair?

If you have curly hair I would recommend washing it 1-2 times a week.

Do you believe in co-washing curly hair?

I have had traumatic experiences with co-washing that ended with hair loss and an unhealthy scalp. As a curly hair stylist, I believe if you're using a toxic-free cleanser. You should experience a healthy clean scalp and hair without drying the hair out and feeling the need for a detergent "co-wash".

How often should I use a deep conditioning mask if I have curly hair?

For healthy curly hair, my recommendation would be once a month. In the dry winter months, it will likely be twice a month.
If you are working yourself out of damage or have gone through a detox from build up it may look like once a week or every other week.

How often do you have to refresh curly hair?

I believe if you follow my styling advice and do a really good job styling your hair on day one that you won't need a super complex refreshing routine.

Should people with curly hair use clarifying shampoo?

I do not recommend a traditional clarifying shampoo because they dry the hair out. I offer the Scalp & Hair Reset Treatment in the salon.
At home, I would recommend Innersense Enlightenment Scalp Scrub followed by their Detox Mask for a pleasant safe clarifying routine.

If I have curly hair how should I sleep?

It's different for every person. No matter what- a silk, satin, or bamboo pillowcase.
Bonnets and the Pineapple are commonly used however I also believe if you follow my styling routine to a T you can wear your hair down and still get 5-7 good hair days out of your style.


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